Blood Sugar Balancing

8 keys to more fat-free mass.

Blood Sugar Balancing


Supplement with BCAAs Many bodybuilders take branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) before and after training to prevent muscle breakdown. Here’s a tip: also take them when your energy wanes. Supplement with 4-5 g of BCAAs at any time of day that you tend to crash. For some, that may be midmorning; for others, that could be mid or late afternoon. No matter the time of day when you tend to feel fatigued, the reason may be a drop in sugar levels. BCAAs help offset a crash by preventing the burning of sugars, allowing blood levels to remain stable. Again, stable sugar levels are correlated with growth and recovery.

7. FOLLOW THE 120-150 RULE

Eat every 120-150 minutes. Small meals consumed every two to two-and-ahalf hours help keep sugar levels even, which contributes to a bigger and harder physique. If you train extremely hard and inherently have poor recovery ability, you may not be eating often enough. Going just three hours without eating could be enough time to make your sugar levels dip, reducing your ability to recover and grow to the max.


This isn’t a nutrition tip, but training and diet are inextricably connected. If you train too frequently or perform too many negatives, hormones and chemicals are dumped into the blood. These can severely
alter blood sugar levels, impacting recovery. Overtraining results in a state where muscles have difficulty uptaking sugar, leaving higher levels in blood. This, in turn, can actually stimulate fat storage! If you train hard but don’t overdo it, your blood sugar levels are apt to remain steady, a prerequisite for muscle repair. However, if you try to keep up with Mr. Olympia, you’re going to experience wild swings in sugar levels, which is not optimal for growth or recovery.


Blood sugar is a complicated and overlooked aspect of bodybuilding nutrition. By paying attention to what your body is telling you and to your hour-by-hour nutritional demands, you can help prevent your blood sugar levels from soaring out of control or plummeting too low. By modulating blood sugar, you can help maximize muscle growth and recovery.