10 Weeks to Super Strength

Our pure power program for crazy size and strength.



  • Press the bar up and back so that it’s over the back of your head at the top. This will recruit more middle-delt muscle fibers and allow you to use heavier weight.
  • Similar to the movement in the bench press, as you’re pressing with your arms, simultaneously drive the weight with your legs by planting your feet firmly on the floor to transfer more force to the upper body.


  • Studies revealed that the staggered grip (one hand overhand grip and the other underhand grip) offered significantly greater strength output than the standard overhand grip.
  • Pulling your shoulder blades together tightly, isometrically contracting your lower-back muscles to maintain the natural arch in your lower back and keeping your abs tight throughout the entire exercise will help generate more power.
  • As you stand up with the weight, imagine pushing the floor away from you with your feet.
  • During the ascent and descent, the bar remains as close to the body as possible.


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