Aaron Clark Trains Quads and Hams

8 exercises for leg size, separation, and density.


Aaron Clark Trains Quads and Hams

Ask 212 bodybuilder Aaron Clark who his heroes are and he will cite the champions of the late ’90s, like Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler, as those who stoked his initial interest in bodybuilding. Now he finds he looks up to guys who have longevity, the ones who look outside of bodybuilding to have fun. He names Dexter Jackson, another athlete known for his aesthetic look, as a great example of staying in the game—still in great shape, still winning shows, still injury-free.

There is a note of caution as Clark approaches his leg-day training. Taking care to lessen the risk of injury is part of his process. “If it’s leg day, and you’re exhausted, don’t go to the gym. You’re not going to get as much out if it, anyway. Forcing yourself through a tough workout when you’re not at top form is just risking injury. Get rested, fuel your body, then hit it hard when you come back tomorrow.”

Clark works legs twice, four to six days apart, with five days being ideal for recovery and recuperation. In the first of those two workouts, he will focus on the quads but include exercises for hams as well. On the second, hams take the spotlight position. He hits calves almost every workout. “Separation and density in the ham and glute area win a lot of contests, so I target that area directly with my leg workouts,” he says.


SETS: 2 REPS: 20+

“It’s important to loosen up the glutes, hamstrings, and hips to get started. Hyperextensions help, especially if the tendons are hurting. Don’t start pressing with your hamstrings cold and tight—you want to do warmup sets to make sure the joints are completely ready for both the negative and positive contractions. Sometimes I hold a plate.”


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