Brian Yersky - Gunning for Glory

The 2012 National Overall Champ's Arm Workout


Westend61 / Getty

Westend61 / Getty
Bodybuilder, avid hunter, and former hoops player Brian Yersky bagged the biggest trophy of his career with a 2012 NPC Nationals overall victory. Armed with this biceps and triceps workout, he’s now leveling his aim at the pro ranks - and FLEXOnline has the exclusive info on his winning training split and arm workout!

“For my first exercise I usually prefer the EZ-curl bar, actually, because it’s easier on the wrists, but I’ll do the straight bar sometimes, too,” Yersky says. “No matter what, though, I try to stay as strict as possible. It doesn’t do any good to flex your shoulders or shift your hips. Think of your elbows like a hinge—the only movement in your body should be there.”

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