Kai Greene demolishes delts


Flux refers to continuous change and movement, the opposite of stasis. A constant state of flux best describes any Kai Greene workout; there’s nothing static or predictable about the man or the way he trains.

In many ways, Greene is a throwback to the old days of bodybuilding. His attention to posing and presentation are on par with Ed Corney’s, Frank Zane’s, and Mohamed Makkaway’s. His workouts, predictable only in their volume of exercises, sets, and reps, have much in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and the Gold’s crew’s high volume routines. Like Arnold or Sergio or Serge, Greene presents a physique that is truly unique from year to year and show to show. One Olympia he comes in streamlined and aesthetic; the next he’s packing so much mass you scratch your head doubting he could add another ounce of muscle.

Greene’s physique is complete from his one huge dreadlock down to his toes. His deltoids are completely developed through and across heads. In the shoulder training feature that follows, you’ve got to keep a couple of things in mind. One: What Kai Greene did for shoulders last workout almost assuredly isn’t what he’ll do for them next workout. The reps and sets, the exercises, and the way they’re performed, constantly change (Flux, remember?). Two: Kai does stuff no one else does or thinks of doing. Seated cable rows and chins to stimulate the delts?

Huh? Yeah, the delts. Proceed, FLEX reader, for a snapshot of insight into the man and how he might train his shoulders on a given day.

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