Get In the Zone

Prepare properly to get the most out of your gym time.

Get In the Zone

To fully prepare myself to be in the zone each lifting session, I spend time every morning thinking about what I’m going to be doing in the gym that evening when I train. This involves cataloging each set and rep, planning weight loads, thinking about rest periods, and so forth.

Another aspect of being prepared for a workout has to do with setting goals. Come up with one or two things you want to achieve on a weekly basis or even set small goals for each workout. Along with the short-term goals, you need to set a couple of longer-term goals, for, say, three to six months or more.

Be sure to track your progress. There are several fitness apps you can use, but I tend to rely on my iPad to take notes or else the oldschool method of using a pen and pad. However, if you’re going to use an app, don’t allow your phone to become a distraction.

The last piece to the puzzle is supplementation. It’s important to supply your body with the right nutrients to help fuel your workouts. My pre-workout of choice is MHP’s Fit Trainer. I also take BCAAs during my workout, as this is very important for muscular energy. MHP’s BCAA 10X tastes amazing and works great. – FLEX

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