Lou Ferrigno's Mass Class

Lou Ferrigno's 30 best training tips for gaining hulking size.



“I never use the same training program twice. I constantly play with exercise selection, the order of exercises, the body angle with which each exercise is done, poundages, sets, reps, pace, everything. That way, my muscles are unable to adapt to a specific routine.”


“I get size without going super heavy. Really heavy weights almost always lead to some form of injury. This is especially true on chest and shoulder presses, because there’s a tremendous temptation to bounce the weight to cheat up a few more pounds.”


“Whenever I don’t feel like doing another workout or eating another chicken breast, I only have to remind myself of the benefits of this lifestyle. I owe everything to bodybuilding. The training I did to build my physique taught me how to work toward a goal with great intensity and total dedication. Bodybuilding has also taught me to be persistent, to be self-reliant, and to look at myself objectively. And most important, bodybuilding dramatically improved my self-image, allowing me first to achieve average confidence after years as a shrinking violet, and later to assert myself as a bodybuilder, actor, and public personality.”


“I’d say diet is 60% of the battle in bodybuilding, and training is the other 40%, but without the mind—that proper motivation and focus—diet and training both sink to near 0% effectiveness.”


“I do a lot of forced reps. I reach failure or near failure, and then my partner removes just enough stress for me to get two to three more forced reps.”


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