Mass Building Moves for a Lagging Chest

Jose Raymond's chest routine guaranteed to give your pecs a boost.


Photos by Charles Lowthian

Is one major muscle group any more important than another up on the bodybuilding stage?

Technically, no. But the beach and swimming pool aren’t a bodybuilding stage, and a few body parts in particular might just warrant a bit higher priority in the next couple of months—and one of those happens to be chest. Not that we’re telling you to ditch leg, back, and delt training, but before the hot months get here, make sure you’re blasting the aforementioned showstopper in the gym.

Leading the charge is Jose Raymond. Raymond shows you his favorite chest moves, designed to hit that most lagging area: the upper chest. Raymond focuses on incline-bench exercises to build a balanced chest because you’re only as good as your weakest link.


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