Mountain Dog Training for Legs

John Meadow's unique training style for dominating legs.


If you’ve seen the clips of Mountain Dog Training on YouTube, you might be scared out of your wits to try it yourself. After all they are a depiction of agony, showing bodybuilders like Evan Centopani, among others, struggling through torturous dropsets, partials, and forced reps, among other devious set-extending techniques. (One particular clip, ominously titled “Bulgarian Split Squat Dropset of Death,” would have most grown men crawling to the nearest exit.)

Truth be told, the training strategy devised by IFBB pro and Columbus, OH-based bodybuilding coach John Meadows six years ago isn’t for the weak. “Out of the last five guys I had down to train legs, three of them threw up,” Meadows admits.

However, he’s quick to point out another key fact. “Yes, I tend to show the videos that are more extreme, but it’s not all about crazy, high intensity on every set,” he admits. “I’d say it’s actually a program more geared to help people stay healthier and injury-free so they can keep on training and doing this thing that they love for many years.” Intensity is important, but it is a double-edged sword if not managed properly.

Recently, Meadows, who won the 2015 NPC Team Universe Championships Masters overall and is now competing in the IFBB 212 Bodybuilding division, sat down with FLEX to walk readers through a typical Mountain Dog leg regimen, sharing the secrets of his sometimes atypical, always challenging approach. If you want more mass, deeper cuts, and new levels of strength—and you’re not afraid of the hard work (and occasional queasiness) to get there—Meadows is your man. 

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