For pregnant women, finding clothes that fit their changing bodies can be incredibly challenging, and it only gets worse when looking for workout outfits. Reebok is looking to change that with its new Maternity Collection that launched this month.

It’s been trendier than ever for expecting moms to keep up their gym routines, with plenty of social media fitness stars documenting the ways they stay fit throughout pregnancy. And while some women have come under fire on social media for it, studies have shown that sticking to a moderate-intensity fitness routine during pregnancy can be good for both mother and baby

Reebok’s new maternity collection is highlighted by two key products: the Lux Maternity Tights ($65, 2XS–XL) and the Seamless Maternity Tank ($40, 2XS–L). Both products feature premium high-stretch fabric that’s designed to adapt and grow along with a woman as she moves through the various stages of her pregnancy.

“We are thrilled to continue to extend our offerings for women and come to market with a maternity collection, specifically engineered and designed to grow with her during one of the biggest, most rewarding journeys in life,” said Barbara Ebersberger, Vice President of Performance Apparel at Reebok. “Our goal is to create comfortable, supportive apparel for the active woman in every stage of her life, and we want this versatile collection to keep moms-to-be feeling empowered and confident during any activity, whether they’re at the gym or at work.”

Black Lux Maternity Tight

Reebok’s Maternity Collection is now available now in the U.S. and will debut globally in fall 2019.