Meal Plans

Healthy Eating: Phil Heath's Winning Meal Plan

Follow bodybuilder Phil Heath's muscle-building nutrition plan to gain quality muscle.

Chicken breast makes it onto the menu, but not as often as you might think. It'’s not one of Phil'’s favorite things to eat, although he likes the variety it adds to his six-meal day. Egg whites, usually for breakfast, comprise his other main protein source, and he prefers to pair them with a nice, steaming bowl of Cream of Wheat.

"“I don'’t know why more bodybuilders don'’t eat this stuff,"“ he says. "“I love my Cream of Wheat!"

While porridge is the first hit of carbohydrates Phil consumes during a typical off-season day, it'’s far from the last. Typically he'’ll take in 600 grams or so of carbs daily. "I know a lot of people hate hearing this, but I'’m one of those guys who can stay pretty defined while eating a lot of carbs,"” he says. "“My body thrives on them. They keep my muscles full and round, so in the off-season I can eat as many as I want. But I'’m talking about complex carbs, not simple sugars, which can ruin a physique."

Phil doesn'’t measure his fat intake during off-season mode. Most of it comes from the beef and salmon steaks and the occasional cheat meal. He does estimate, however, that he rarely, if ever, consumes more than 100 grams of fat in a day. Being that a gram of fat contains 9 calories, that works out to a maximum of 900 calories per day from fat. Added to his intake of 600 grams of carbs and 400 grams of protein, Phil'’s total calorie consumption will sometimes border on 5,000. Throw a gallon or two of water into the mix and you'’ve got the 24-hour cocktail that fuels a 5'9", 240-pound off-season physique that seems to have been hardwired at birth to build award-winning muscles.