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Build bigger arms with the 'Work the Angles' workout program

Discover the long and the short of building massive biceps and triceps in four weeks.

Bicep Curl Dumbbell
Duration 30
Exercises 7
Equipment Yes

If you think of building muscle as basically just sets and reps and weights, you're not wrong.

But to fully activate every last muscle fiber and stimulate a muscle to grow, you have to make it contract at different lengths. That's why it's so important to train with a variety of exercises that work muscles from different joint angles. With this workout, you'll play all the angles to build your arms in just four weeks.

How it works

You'll begin with the one-arm cable biceps pose. While it may look like an exercise for, well, "poseurs," understand that when the arm is raised to 90 degrees and the elbow is flexed, the biceps are put in their shortest position. When held for up to six seconds, this increases your nervous system's activation of the biceps, leading to better contractions throughout the rest of the workout. 

The next exercise, the cable crossover triceps extension, accomplishes the same thing for the triceps. From there, you'll work the biceps and triceps with moves that train them in their most stretched positions. Changing the length that the muscles must work at changes the tension in them and, ultimately, the amount of muscle fiber that gets worked. And while it's harder to understand than "three sets of 10," you arms will get the message: Get bigger!


Perform the workout once per week. Exercises that are paired (marked "A" and "B") are alternated. So you'll do one set of A, rest as prescribed, one set of B, rest, and repeat until all sets for the pair are completed.

The 'Work the Angles' workout program Advanced exercises for biceps and triceps

Exercise 1A.

One-Arm Cable Biceps Pose You'll need: D-Handle Attachment How to
One-Arm Cable Biceps Pose thumbnail
2 sets
8-10 (each arm) reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 1B.

Cable Crossover Triceps Extension You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine How to
Cable Crossover Triceps Extension thumbnail
2 sets
8-10 reps
30 sec. rest

Exercise 2A.

Preacher Curl You'll need: EZ-Bar How to
Preacher Curl  thumbnail
6 sets
9, 7, 5, 9, 7, 5 reps
60 sec. rest
Increase the weight each set for three sets. Then back off but use a heavier load than you did for your first set of nine reps, and continue increasing the weight.

Exercise 2B.

Incline Dumbbell Skull Crusher You'll need: Bench How to
Incline Dumbbell Skull Crusher thumbnail
6 sets
9, 7, 5, 9, 7, 5 reps
60 sec. rest

Exercise 3A.

Cable Triceps Kickback You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine How to
Cable Triceps Kickback thumbnail
3 sets
12 reps
10 sec. rest

Exercise 3B.

Overhead Triceps Extension You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine How to
One-Arm Overhead Extension Exercise thumbnail
3 sets
8 reps
45 sec. rest

Exercise 4.

Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl thumbnail
-- sets
75 total reps
20 sec. rest
Do as few sets as possible.