What She Says: I like you, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.
What She Means: I have zero interest in dating you. Not now, not ever, so don’t even bother asking again.

What She Says: Do we really have to go to that party tonight?
What She Means: I’d rather chew on nails than make conversation with your loser friends.

What She Says: Does my butt look big in this?
What She Means: Please tell me you find my ass delicious and can’t keep your eyes or hands off it.

What She Says: Do you think she’s pretty?
What She Means: Do you think she’s prettier than I am? And even if you do, don’t you dare say yes.

What She Says: Are you seeing anyone right now?
What She Means: How fast can you break up with your current girlfriend?

What She Says: Where do you see this going?
What She Means: Am I just a booty call or wife material?

What She Says: Are you wearing that?
What She Means: Please change immediately before someone sees you and I die of embarrassment.

What She Says: Where have you been?
What She Means: You’re fucking late and you better do some groveling. Now!

What She Says: Are you telling the truth?
What She Means: You’re fucking lying, you cheating sack of shit. Spill it.

What She Says: Oh, how do you know her?
What She Means: Did you sleep with that slut?