Arm Exercises

Pump Up Some Expendable-Sized Arms

Give your guns some serious ammo with this intense superset routine.


Superset 4

Warm up, then perform three working sets.

Set 1 - light weight – 12-15 reps
Set 2 - medium weight – 8-10 reps
Set 3 - heavy weight – 6-8 reps

Cable Pulley Triceps Kickbacks

-Attach a single arm pulley/ handle to a cable and bring it down to its lowest point.
-Grip the pulley/ handle, knees bent, the arms starts off in a 90 degree angle, shoulder height.
-Slowly pull the pulley/ handle back so you get the full extension as the tricep is locked out.
-Keep elbows stationary and allow the pulley/ handle to come back down.
-This exercise is great for developing the upper area of the triceps.

Superset with Cable Pulley Single Hammer Curls

-Attach a single arm rope/ pulley to a cable and bring it down to its lowest point.
-Grasp the rope with a neutral grip and stand straight up.
-Put your elbows in by your side and keep them there stationary during the entire movement.
-Using your biceps, pull your arms up as you exhale until your biceps touch your forearms. The finishing position for the hand griping the the rope should should be just below your deltoid.
-Bring the rope back down slowly down.
-As mentioned earlier, the triceps are the biggest portion of your arm so here is the finishing superset that should ensure you have DOMS in your arms for the next few days.

Superset 5 >>

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