Chest Exercises

2 Great Chest Building Exercises for Power & Strength

Improve your pressing technique and function with these moves.

2 Great Chest Building Exercises for Power & Strength

If you believe the hype and everyone in the gym on Monday’s, the bench press is the king of all pressing exercises. Well, I’m here to give you a different perspective.

The bench press is a great exercise if you know the proper form, you have good posture and are working with minimal dysfunction.  But, if you have a slouched upper body (kyphotic) posture, shoulder issues or poor technique, you could be adding to the problem and your potential for injury.

Better choices could be push-ups, neutral grip dumbbell military press, dumbbell floor press or various dynamic stabilization movements challenging the humerus in different positions (example: bamboo bar).

Band Resisted Ring Push-ups

Push-ups can be modified in an infinite number of ways and you are only really limited by your imagination.  Truth be told, if trainers would implement more push-ups instead of the bench press, their athletes improve their pressing technique and function. One variation that we like to do, was highlighted in our last EXTREME DVD band resisted ring push-ups with the feet elevated.

Progression is the key to development and nothing says progression for push-ups like this exercise.  It has everything.  The feet elevation and the usage of rings means the core stabilization factor is increased and the band resistance adds the final overload to the movement.   Focus on keeping neutral with the torso (which will be a big challenge once fatigue sets in), keep the upper back tight and drive fully through to lockout.

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