Chest Exercises

Inflate Your Pecs With This Circuit Routine

Hit your chest from top to bottom and build muscle and strength with this fast routine.



We don’t blame you if you see a chest workout consisting of various bench presses and cable crossovers and start to yawn. We would, too. But look a little more closely at the following routine, because it’s not the same one you and your high school buddies did week after week in the basement. It’s a unique circuit that hits all the areas of the chest: your upper, middle, and lower pecs.

The Workout

Perform these four exercises as a circuit without resting between moves. Work through the circuit three to four times, resting two minutes after the first round, two minutes after the second, and three minutes after the third.

Excercise Reps
Barbell Bench Press 5
Incline Dumbbell Press 10
Decline Dumbbell Press 15
Cable Crossover 20

Customize It

If you prefer to stay in the same location on the weight room floor, all your pressing moves can be done with dumbbells—just substitute dumbbell flyes for cable crossovers.

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