Chest Exercises

Take a Dip for More Upper Body Strength

Dig deep into dipping to improve your bench press and overall strength up top.

Take a Dip for More Upper Body Strength

Dip-Centric Routine

Day 1

Exercise                                           Sets     Reps   Rest
Weighted Dip                                     4           6*     2 min.
Weighted Bench Dip                        4           8*       2 min.
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press     4           6        2 min.
(palms facing in)
Diamond Push-Up**                         3   to failure   2 min.
Day 2
Exercise                                           Sets     Reps   Rest
Speed Dip†                                       4           8        90 sec.
Dumbbell Bench Press                 4           8        90 sec.
(palms facing in)
Rope Pushdown                              4            8       90 sec.
Push-Up †§                                       3    to failure   2 min.
(elbows pointed backward)
* After the sixth rep of your last two sets, drop the additional weight and rep out to failure.
** hands close together, flat on the floor, with your thumbs and index fingers touching to form a diamond between your hands
† On each rep lower slowly on the eccentric, then explode up on the concentric. 
§ Can be performed gripping dumbbells on the floor, palms facing each other; with knuckles on the floor, palms in; or hands flat on the floor, fingers facing forward.


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