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Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Interval Training Insanity

We assess this strength and conditioning routine from one of our readers. Can you handle it?

Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Interval Training Insanity

Sometimes, our fans can teach us a thing or two, which is why each week Muscle & Fitness will be selecting a Bad-Ass Workout of the Week, submitted by one of our highly knowledgeable readers. Then our training experts will explain why we chose the workout, how how to make it even more bad-ass; and what training style it works for.    

This week, Dan Trink, Director of Training at Peak Performance, assesses this routine from our Facebook fan Nicholas Lawhead. Let us know what you think, and show off your own workout at If we think it's worthy, we'll post it on the Muscle & Fitness website.



Squats: 1x15, 3x4, 5x10
Leg curls: 5x10
Unilateral calf raises w/ dumbbell: 5x30-50 (each leg)


HIIT of choice: (sprints, burpees, box jumps, anything that sucks) for 20-minutes. 1-minute work/30-sec. rest.
Abs: Decline weighted sit-up 3x15-20
15 step-ups on tire 
Plank: 5xfailure (minimum 1 min.)


Bench press: 1x12-15, 3x3-5, 5x10
Dips: 5x10
Weighted push-ups: 4xfailure


HIIT of choice: (20 min.)
Abs: Tri-set: V-crunches
Tri-set:  Leg raises
Tri-set:  Scissor kick crunches 5x20


Deadlifts: 1x12-15, 3x3-5, 4x10
Pull-ups: 5x12-15
Barbell Rows: 4x10-12
Single-arm Rows or T-bar Rows: 4x6-8


HIIT of choice: (20 min.)
Abs: Toes-to-bar 5xfailure
Side Plank: 4xfailure (2 sets each side)


Military Press: 1x12-15, 3x3-5, 4x10
Side Lateral Raises: 3x8
Barbell Shrugs: 5x10-12

Bench Dips: 3xfailure
Barbell Curls: 4x8-10
Barbell Reverse Curls: 3x8-10

Follow this split for 3 weeks. On every fourth week, have a de-load week. Do a Crossfit Hero WOD on Mon. Wed. Fri. and Abs on Tues. and Thurs. Sunday and Sat. off.

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