Workout Routines

Uncommon Exercises to Combat Training Problems

Mix up your workout moves to make your lifts stronger and ensure you don't get injured.


The Problem: Tight Quads and Hip Flexors

The Fix: Rear Foot Elevated Eccentric-quasi Isometric (EQI) Hip Flexor Stretch with Overhead Reach

As stated earlier, with the constant sitting posture, the hip flexors and quadriceps can tighten up. The rear foot elevated EQI Hip Flexor Stretch with Overhead Reach address this hip tightness but also challenges active thoracic spine extension and shoulder range of motion. It’s a difficult stretch, but if you can tough it out, it will be worth it in the end.

How to Do It: Stand a lunge length away from an exercise bench. Place the top of your shoe on the edge of the bench. Reach your arms overhead and brace your abs to keep a neutral spine (don’t lean back!). Lower yourself into a lunge, achieving a 90-degree angle at your front knee. Keep your arms overhead and abs braced. Breath throughout the stretch and hold this position for 60-seconds (seriously; see I told you it was difficult!). As you fatigue, your body will slowly sink closer to the ground. It’s imperative to keep your form as you fatigue. The stretch will become greater as you sink lower toward the ground. Your rear knee should not touch the ground at all during this exercise. Perform 3 times per leg every lower body workout.

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