Building a home gym can be pricey and time consuming to make it worth the effort, and finding adequate space is always an issue. But if you have a couple of cinder blocks collecting dust in your garage, you’ve already got all the material you need for a hardcore workout. In addition to farmer’s walks, curls, and bench presses, here are three additional ways to put those blocks to use.

Plyo Pushup

Get into pushup position with your hands between two blocks. Powerfully push up so your hands leave the ground, then land on the blocks. Explosively push up again and land on the ground.


Let a block hang between your legs. Swing it backward as though you were hiking a football, then up to eye level, maintaining continuous movement throughout.

Clean and Press

Squat low and lift the block with both hands. Explosively raise the block to your left shoulder and press it overhead. Repeat, alternating sides.