Workout Tips

4 Bodyweight Finishers

After the heavy training is over, take your muscles to the brink with these challenging moves and techniques.





Most shoulder development exercises in the weight room are open kinetic chain meaning the force you produce makes the weight move. Closed kinetic chain exercises move your body as you produce force, like a sporting or combat situation. Bottom line benefit: closed kinetic chain movements are more natural and more functional. That’s why handstand push-ups offer the best non-weighted method for developing sick shoulders.

Execution: For those new to the movement, place the back of your head near the base of a wall, put your hands alongside your head (fingers pointing toward the wall), and then kick your feet into the air until they reach the wall. From this inverted position, press to full extension.

Implementation: The Jailhouse Bakers Dozen is a total of 91 total repetitions, where set 1 is performed with 13 repetitions, set 2 is 12 repetitions, set 3 is 11 repetitions, and so on. Each set descends by one less repetition. After each set is performed, walk 16 feet (it’s eight feet and back in a standard jail cell) to get your blood flow back on track.  

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