Workout Tips

4 Bodyweight Finishers

After the heavy training is over, take your muscles to the brink with these challenging moves and techniques.



About zero people were hoping that pull-ups were the finisher we had in mind here. One of the strongest man of our time, Bill Kazmaier, once said “strong man equals strong back.” And one of the best ways to build a strong back is through the mastery of the pull-up – as many variations as possible, eventually graduating to weighted pull-ups to keep adding size. And after a bad boy day of heavy deadlifts and bar-bending rows

Execution: To focus on your lats, take an overhand grip on a pull-up bar with your hands spaced just outside shoulder width and pull from there on all reps. You can vary hand spacing from set to set or workout to workout to alter the muscular recruitment. Aim to get your chest to the bar on every rep.

Implementation: Don’t just aim for a “few” pull-ups at the end of your back routine. Try the total repetition method, where you aim to achieve the desired number in the fewest number of sets possible. If you’re going for 100, for example, you may get 15 on your first go, 12 on your next and so on. The goal should be to complete all reps in 12 minutes or less. If standard pull-ups are too challenging, try inverted rows. 

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