Workout Tips

Power Up: Build Muscle, Strength & Speed

Increase your strength and pump up your physique with this once-a-week power-training fix.


Explosive Growth

For this workout, you'’ll perform a different combination of plyometric exercises and variations on Olympic lifts. The plyometric training ramps up your movement speed by hitting your fast-twitch muscle fibers; the Olympic lifts (3-–6 sets of 4-–6 reps each) require extreme levels of power output and coordination throughout your body. The goal of each set is to move the weight fast without sacrificing form. Be sure to get 2-–4 minutes of rest between sets. While this program works well over time, you should learn other plyometric moves and Olympic-style lifts to add to the mix. For instance, you could switch out the push-press for the clean and jerk or the high pull for the snatch. Doing so keeps your routine interesting and fresh, allowing your body to be continually off-guard and adapting. More strength, more size, more of what you want -- the Power-Up plan might just be the missing link you'’ve been looking for.

The Power-Up Workout

Excercise Sets Reps
Lateral Box Jump or Box Jump 3 10-20
Push-Press 3-6 6,5,4
High Pull 3-6 6,5,4
Jump Shrug 3-6 6,5,4


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