Loutfi Ajaoun

Loutfi Ajaoun


athlete league NPC

My name is Loutfi and I have been practicing the sport of bodybuilding for 14 years.

At the beginning, I started bodybuilding in order to enforce my back and gain some muscles.  Did I ever think that this sport would bring me this far…Never!

The more I saw my body being built, the more passionate I became about improving my health.

I have learned everything without a trainer.  I am autodidact. I have learned everything in the books and in the magazines.  I have learned many techniques on training and on nutrition in order to reach my goals : gain lean mass without fat.

Today, I am very happy of the results. 

I had the opportunity to train in many different gyms and in different countries.  What I realized is that there are a lot of person that are not able to reach there goals because they haven’t got someone qualified to guide them to their objectives.  That’s when I realized that I could use my knowledge and my experience on bodybuilding and nutrition to help people who are facing the same difficulties I use to face starting up.

I have decided to become a personal trainer to give a fair chance to success to everybody I meet. 

I, Loutfi will coach you and guide you to the success you deserve, it makes no difference tome if you are a beginner or well advanced, because I engage in being your ally to put your body in shape, lose the weight that you want, gain the muscles that you want.

We will reach YOUR goals together, the goals that YOU have fixed in order to get into the shape YOU want to be in, with the muscles that YOU want to have.

I, Loutfi, am pleased to be your friend and PERSONAL TRAINER!