Post-Sex Pet Peeves from 18 Remarkably Candid Women

Avoid these blunders to keep her coming back for more.


Couple kissing in bed

12) Being a Mama’s Boy

“There have been instances where the guy I’m hooking up with will talk about work or his mom immediately after sex. Such a buzzkill.” — Beth, RI

13) When He Asks Me for Food

“I can’t stand it when guys immediately ask for something after sex. No, I don’t want to make you a sandwich, fill your water glass, or scratch your back. I need to chill for a few minutes. I just let you grunt and sweat all over me.” — Catie, AZ

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14) When He Won’t Put His Junk Away

“I hate when guys walk around naked after sex with everything hanging out. Like chill, we just got done! Put on some boxers, take a seat and breathe for a minute.” — Bobbi, NJ

15) Refusing to Kiss

“This guy I was seeing wouldn’t kiss me after (or during) sex if I went down on him during foreplay. Telling me to go to the bathroom to wash out my mouth is disrespectful and makes me wonder why you’re so grossed out by the fact that your penis was in my mouth.” — Amanda, NY