Tyler Hubbard has many reasons for wanting to be fit. Perhaps the biggest reason is the fact that he’ll welcome his third child in under three years in September. “It’s going to be crazy here for a while,” Hubbard told Muscle & Fitness with a chuckle.

He’s also a member of Florida Georgia Line, one of the most popular country music groups in the United States. As any musician will tell you, singing and dancing in front of thousands of people for hours requires a good bit of stamina.

And then there’s the fact that he doesn’t want to be like the people he saw growing up in Georgia. “The narrative in Georgia is when you hit 65 you pretty much sit in a recliner until you die,” he says. “My goal is to be able to move and feel healthy until I’m 100 years old. I want to be able to hike a mountain when I’m 80.”

For many years, Hubbard’s approach to fitness mirrored that of many other Americans — he had a stretch of good weeks, followed by a span of time where he fell off the wagon a little bit.

That was until the Covid-19 pandemic canceled all of his band’s shows, and forced him and his family into quarantine. The silver lining in all that, however, is that Hubbard had a few months of consistency at home.

“As much as we like to travel, it makes it difficult to be consistent,” he says. “Having some consistency in our life has been really nice.”

And he’s been putting that time at home to good use by working out six days a week and eating right. As a result, Hubbard’s lost a little extra body fat and is more toned than he’s ever been.

Aesthetics aside, he says his time in quarantine has helped him create a way to make fitness a constant part of his life. “I’m past that phase of the ups and the downs, and having the good weeks and the bad weeks,” he says. “It’s more of a lifestyle.”

We spoke to Hubbard about his fitness journey, what he’s been up to in quarantine, and his message for anyone looking to make fitness part of their everyday life.