When you don't give up..You cannot fail.

That's the lesson that can be learned from the performance of Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona.

Considered one of the top European 400 meter runners of the early 90s, Derek Redmond was a member of the world champion British 4×400 relay team and held the national record for seven years. However, he is probably best remembered for what happened in a split second during his 400 meter semi-final race at the Barcelona games, and what immediately ensued thereafter.

Having comfortably won both his heat and quarter-final, Redmond appeared destined to qualify for the final when his hamstring suddenly snapped seconds into the race. As the other runners blew by him, Redmond could be seen grabbing his leg and limping in agony.

Obviously in pain, Redmond refused to quit as he slowly limped to the finish line. As he reached the home stretch a man jumped onto the track, rushing past security officials. It was Redmond's father. "We started this together and we're going to finish this together" said his father Jim as he helped his injured son toward the finish line, as the crowd gave encouragement with a standing ovation.

Looked upon as one of the most inspirational moments in the history of the Olympics and as a definition of the Olympic spirit, Redmond will be remembered as a true champion who refused to quit.