49-Year-Old Joe Rogan Is Still A Badass

The UFC host proves he still has the skills to pummel any opponent in the ring.

Watching @lionfightofficial and getting it in.

A video posted by Joe Rogan (@joerogan) on

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday that reminds us all the 49-year-old can still annihilate an opponent in the ring.

The video shows Rogan throwing a barrage of attacks at the heavy bag, leaving fans wondering whether the comedian, actor, and entertainer could have been a serious contender in the UFC.

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Now a major UFC media man, the one-time US Open Tae Kwon Do champion excelled at karate and kickboxing, and as per his recent post, the results are evident.

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Although Rogan ended his fighting career early, due to the risk of further brain trauma from his fights, he has certainly kept up his training.

This is one man nobody should mess with.

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