It's not quite Jones Vs. Machida, but this amateur MMA fight has generated a great deal of buzz. Not because of any non-stop, toe-to-toe action, or highly polished martial art skills. Truth be told there was none of that. What there was however, was a scrappy, 62-year-old taking on a much younger challenger.

It all took place at an amateur MMA event called "AK Beatdown" in Alaska, which serves as a fundraiser for the Juneau Combat Sports Academy. Few predicted 62-year-old Wayne Smallwood would make it through the first round, let alone win the fight. So when he TKO'd his 24-year-old opponent, Weeg Hewson, with an impressive spinning backfist to the jaw the stunned crowd erupted.

True, both fighters seemed winded with little left in the tank after the first minute of the bout, but the 62-year-old Smallwood somehow mustered up the energy to land the perfect strike, and that was enough to end the fight.    

Here's how it all went down.