Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Fan to Get to the Choppa!

A lucky After-School All-Stars donor got a surprise invitation from Arnold himself to "crush things" in Arnold's personal tank.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Fan to Get to the Choppa!


That was the message Arnold Schwarzenegger had for Alex from Texas, who won a day of crushing things in Arnold's M47 Patton tank and crushing the weights in a personal training session with The Oak

Arnold recorded a video of himself delivering the good news to the fan, who entered the contest by donating to Arnold's charity After-School All-Stars. Asked what Arnold movie line he'd want to hear him say, he picked the Predator classic without hesitation. 

Arnold goes on to tell him that "together, we're going to crush things," which is about as good as it gets for any Schwarzenegger fan. According to the contest page, cigars will be included, as well as a workout session with the bodybuilding legend. 

Check out the video of Arnold delivering the good news: