Fastest MMA KO Reportedly Set in UCMMA Fight

It took 1.13 seconds for one fighter's night to start and end on this WCMMA 14 card in London.

Fastest MMA KO Reportedly Set in UCMMA Fight

The UCMMA is laying calling to the world's fastest MMA knockout after a fight on its WCMMA 14 card between Mike Garrett and Sam Heron ended after what it classifies as 1.13 seconds. In the video below, we get to see the ring walk of Garrett, but the KO action kicks in at about 1:25/26. There seems to be a little weight discrepancy between Garrett and Heron, but the latter's extremely slight frame and post weigh-in rehydration from Garrett might explain that. That said, it still looked like man against boy.

The end is fast and brutal, and though the clock stops at 1.13, the referee takes another bit of time to actually wave off the fight. Regardless, it was a super fast end, and thankfully, Heron was somewhat alert on the canvas in the immediate aftermath of the fight.