Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw has a new challenge, and it has nothing to do with hoisting heavy weight.

Shaw, who placed sixth at this year’s World’s Strongest Man contest, wants to lose 40 pounds. In his latest YouTube video, Shaw said he wanted to drop weight in an effort to become more athletic and faster. He plans on doing this by changing his diet, which he discussed in-depth in the video below:



Shaw weighed in at 434 pounds during the video (while wearing sneakers and clothes, which added to the total), and added that his goal weight is 400 pounds. He explained that he’s probably already lost weight since coming back from WSM 2019, noting that he’s stopped force-feeding himself and “missed a couple of meals” since then. 

In a prior YouTube video, Shaw said he was proud of his performance at WSM but that there were things he needed to be better at, mainly his speed in events such as the loading medley. This would explain his desire to lose some pounds, as a lighter Shaw is a faster Shaw. 

This year marked Shaw’s worst showing at a WSM since 2012, when he placed fourth. At 37, he’s also considerably older than most of the other performersMartins Licis, winner of this year’s WSM, is only 28, for example. Still, it doesn’t seem like he has any plans on slowing down.

He said he wants to improve his conditioning during training sessions, but whether it’ll be enough to push him back to the top of the mountain remains to be seen.

He’s also not the only strongman to be on a weight-loss journey. Recently, 2017 WSM Eddie Hall posted a YouTube video in which he revealed he’s lost 20 pounds in body weight in 17 days and got his body fat percentage down to 20.1 percent.

Shaw and Hall are set to compete at Giants Live Wembley on July 6.