After 19 years on television week after week, WWE Smackdown finally aired its 1000th episode, and as one would expect, there were a few special guests in attendance. In addition to Vince McMahon making a rare public appearance, Randy Orton reunited with his former Evolution teammates Triple H, Ric Flair, and superstar-turned-Hollywood-celebrity Batista. Unfortunately, what started as a friendly reunion quickly got tense.

Orton called out Batista on leaving WWE to purse his acting career, which Batista ignored in favor of praising the WWE Universe and his former teammates. However, even Batista felt the need to throw in a zing while he was listing the accomplishments of Triple H: “There is nothing—nothing!—this man hasn’t done in this business. Except beat me.”

The two quickly stared each other down, and while the reunion ended in pleasantries, it was clear that there was still some unfinished business between The Animal and The Game. Meanwhile, the main event of the night showcased WWE legend Rey Mysterio as he returned to Smackdown for the first time in four years to face another high-flyer, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Despite debuting in the WWE over 15 years ago, Mysterio proved to the WWE Universe that he hasn’t lost a step. The luchador showed off his trademark speed and flexibility, sliding past a “Kinshasa” attempt and nailing Nakamura with a running body slam out of the ring.

Eventually, Mysterio got his patented 619 on Nakamura for the pin. Of course, there was one last surprise for Smackdown 1000: The Undertaker. After Mysterio’s win, the lights dimmed, and the gong sounded. The Undertaker came into the ring to tell the WWE Universe that he’ll have three words for D-Generation X at Crown Jewel. “Rest. In. Peace.”

Smackdown 1000 continued the show’s legacy of highlighting some of the best talent of the WWE Universe. Here’s to a thousand more.

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