Considered by many to be the most iconic WWE superstar of all time, the Undertaker has been laying waste to petrified opponents on our TV screens for almost three decades. His unearthly character and thrilling matches have given pro wrestling fans some incredible moments, and he’s not done yet.  

As the Phenom from Death Valley prepares to do battle with Triple H one last time at WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia, M&F takes a look at the Undertaker’s top ten greatest moments.

Watch the Undertaker battle Triple H once last time at WWE Super Show-Down, Live from Melbourne, Australia, on October 6th via WWE Network. For more information, and to get your first 30 days for FREE, visit

Triple H

Still Playing the Game: Triple H’s Top 10 WWE Mome...

The wrestling god is ready to end an era with the Undertaker.

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