The Rock's Cure for Most Things: Dumbbells

When Dwayne Johnson has something on his mind, he hits the gym and works it out!

The Rock, aka Dwanye Johnson

It's been an educational week so far. On Monday, we had Arnold Schwarzenegger's cure for jet lag, and today, we have some life observations from The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson. The Hercules star, who is set to play Black Adam in the upcoming film adaptation of 'Shazam!', posted this message and photo on Instagram. "One day I'll get the therapy I need. Until then... #HeavyIronFightsThePain #CheaperThanAShrink #NoFannyPacks My only drawback is f*cked up calloused hands."

This post again highlights the love/hate relationship The Rock has with his dumbbells. During the summer, he posted this note: "Dear Dumbbells, you better send your soul to heaven, cause your ass is mine. #IronPrayer #KeepItDirty #BeastBehavingBadly." So in case you need some one-on-one time with your dumbbells, check out our Smart Dumbbell Benching Tips, or if you need some more in-depth time to work through things, check out our Advanced Full-Body Dumbbell Workout. And, if you really need to process issues, then try this Monstrous Upper Back Dumbbell Workout. Go work it out!

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