M&Fers are always looking for a solid routine that will build muscle faster. In this video, Mike Chang, the YouTube whiz who has built his career teaching guys how to get a six-pack demonstrates a full-intensity workout for building a ripped and muscular V-Taper upper body that you can be proud of when you take your shirt off at the pool this summer. (Mike’s also featured in our April 2013 issue!)   

Make sure you watch the video before you do the workout (below) to learn the proper technique for each back exercise


Mike will be doing 4 exercises in this Monstrous Back Workout. 

1. High Bent-Over Rows 
2. Bent-Arm Lateral
3. High One-Arm Rows
4. Bent-Over Shrugs – Superset w/Laterals to the Ceiling

Sets:  4 per exercise 
Reps: 6-8 per set
Rest time: 30-45 seconds between sets.
Weights: Lift as heavy as possible, but make sure it’s a weight you can use to complete the preset reps, while maintaining proper form throughout the move.

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