Watch: MMA Audience Member Goes From Fan to Champ, Then Proposes to His Girlfriend

When the night began, this fighter was outside the venue selling brownies to pay for a ticket just to get in.

Watch: MMA Audience Member Jumps Out of the Crowd, Into the Ring to Win a Championship Belt
YouTube / TV Alterosa - Juiz de Fora

Sports and underdogs go hand-in-hand like gloves go hand-to-face, and these two perfect matches made for one of the best stories of the year.

According to, Luis Felipe Alvim won the Juiz de Fora Fight welterweight championship when fighters backed out of a match, cracking the window on Alvim’s opportunity.

Although this seems highly unlikely, Alvim wasn’t a completely clueless spectator. This lucky audience member actually does have “a black belt in Muay Thai under UFC lightweight Felipe Silva and blue belt in jiu-jitsu.” He also has 15 Muay Thai bouts and a few jiu-jitsu tournaments on his jacket as well.

He ultimately got a shot because he went to the locker room before Juiz de Fora Fight 18 to visit coach Silva. After a series of fortunate (for him) events, he landed himself a match.

Once the MMA fighter got in the cage, it was tough early on, with his challenger landing some brutal blows and aiming to finish the fight quickly before getting caught in a submission. To top off this almost unbelievable story, Alvim proposed to his girlfriend after winning the belt.

Take a look for yourself below to determine whether you believe everything about this situation is on the up and up.