The Best Shaving Tips and Techniques for Men

Learn what you need to do to get the smoothest, cleanest shave possible—and which mistakes to avoid.


DON’T Ignore nicks and cuts. “The best thing to use is something that is quick and efficient to stop the bleeding,” Hernandez says. “Using toilet paper for nicks and cuts does little. It also looks pretty ridiculous if you forget about it. Alum and Styptic pencils are some of the best two items to use to stop the bleeding.” To avoid irritation and nicks in the first place, stretch the skin slightly against the direction that the razor will be passing over the skin.

DO Invest time in finding the right razor. “Like with a lot of things in life, finding the right razor is done by trial and error,” says Hernandez. “Choose a razor and cartridge that best fits your preferences. Features like number of blades and pivot can vary.” He suggests starting with a Gillette Fusion because of its ease of use. “If it doesn't work, move on to something with less blades like a Mach 3. If you still are not satisfied with the results, then keep moving down until you find your sweet spot.” And make sure you always use a razor with clean, sharp blades. Shave clubs can be a great way to receive your blades and product. "The Art of Shaving now has a complimentary Auto-Replenishment program where you can get your blades and shaving product for a cheaper price than in store and comes with free shipping," says Hernandez.

DON'T Wait too long to change your blades. The amount of time between changing blades will vary on the user. "Some with thick coarse beard hair may go through blades a little quicker but a great way to know when to change the blade is when you experience more than normal tugging and pulling," says Hernandez.

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