Muscle & Fitness Retro - The July 1990 Arnold Cover

"Total Recall," some wishful thinking from Mike Quinn and some truly awful wardrobe recommendations!

With the (completely unnecessary) Total Recall remake lurking about a month away, we thought it appropriate to look back on the glorious original, and, more specifically,how we covered it right here in the pages of M&F.

The Arnold cover story for our July 1990 issue is a preview of the film, teasing some of the more memorable bits—the battle with Sharon Stone, the mutant sleaze bar, and, of course, Arnold’s bulging eyeballs.

The cover is especially memorable for taking a stab at Parade magazine’s style. Did we run many more “head shot” covers? Nope. Do we still love it? Of course! It’s Arnold! We just wish that when he ripped the bad guy’s arms off at the end of the movie, instead of shouting, “See you at the party, Richter!” he had said, “You’ve been DIS-ARMED.”


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