One Billion Doses

Not a million, but a billion. It’s an eye-catching number isn’t it? Well, that’s the number of doses of DMAA-containing products that have been used around the world over the past four years.

Zero. That’s an eye-catcher too, right? Well, that’s the number of reports of serious adverse health reports that have resulted from those billions of doses.

Incontrovertible Facts

Those are the facts, and they’re incontrovertible. That’s another eye-catching word, incontrovertible. Anyone, or anything, that says otherwise is simply incorrect; claims to the contrary are based on rumor, hearsay or some incomplete combination of both.

But rumor and hearsay are hard to disprove. In the age of instant information that can be searched, shared, tweeted or blogged, no matter if it’s true, getting the real story out there has become an even more herculean task.

That’s why the team behind two of the most popular DMAA supplements, Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, grew tired of fighting back against rumors about the safety of their products. They could have gotten angry, or vowed to get even, or just given up, but instead…they decided to let an expert decide the facts for them. And not just any expert, but one of the country’s leading minds when it comes to nutritional supplements.

One Hundred Percent Safe

Saying your product is safe is one thing; but the consumer has to have something more than a company’s word to know that what they choose to put in their bodies is effective, and most importantly, one hundred percent safe. At the same time, anyone can say that they’re not, even if they haven’t done a second of research or provided a shred of evidence.

USPlabs has just released six peer-reviewed medical studies, performed at one of the nation’s leading research laboratories by one of the world’s experts on supplements, and lo and behold, they all say the same, incontrovertible (there’s that word again) thing.

DMAA products, when used as directed, are both safe and effective. You can go online and read the results of the studies yourself; their conclusions all say the same thing.  (check out

Is there any scientific evidence that says otherwise? Absolutely none, and the lack of scientific evidence to the contrary speaks volumes.

Hot Topic

DMAA has become a hot topic for debate in the world of nutritional supplements, and the reasoning behind these mixed opinions is perfectly understandable – everyone wants to make sure that what’s being sold around the world is safe to use.

But only USPlabs has gone out and done something to quell the unnecessary rumors meant to scare millions of consumers. In a world of nefarious innuendo, they’ve laid out the incontrovertible for all to see, and they’ve relied on the experts to do it. The facts, unlike the rumors, are hard to argue against.

ONE BILLION doses of DMAA used safely. ZERO evidence that any of them have caused serious health effects. Six medical studies, conducted by a foremost EXPERT, confirming that DMAA is SAFE and EFFECTIVE.  The evidence is there for all to see for yourselves, and it’s INCONTROVERTIBLE.

Eye-catching as those words might be, none are as much as this one: FACTS.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Find the facts, and decide for yourself.