IFBB Pro Lionel Beyeke is on the hunt for a win this 2013 bodybuilding season. The aesthetics of this bodybuilder from France should make him unbeatable in just about any contest he enters. However, the contestant is judged on how he looks that day on stage, not on his potential. Can Lionel live up to his true potential and win the Tampa show in 3 weeks?

Here's a recent photo he posted on his Facebook page.

Jonathan Rowe - Mens Open - Tampa Pro 2011

Can he prevail? And what about the other competitors that plan on standing in his way? Centopani, Morel, Obiad all want the same thing!

It's going to be a great contest this August in Tampa – That we can guarantee!

Wings of Strength presents the 2013 Tamp PBW Pro Championships

2013 PBW Tampa Pro Championships

2013 PBW Tampa Pro Championships