Breaking News! Return of the Russian

Alex Federov returns to compete at the IFBB Grand Prix Fitness House Pro Mens Open on November 1st!



We’re about to get the full answer. When Alex Fedorov steps onstage at the IFBB Grand Prix Fitness House Pro Men’s Open on November 1, it will be 11 years since his pro debut and eight since his last contest. He’ll be like a time traveler from the past stepping into the present. Still, successful pro comebacks have occurred after longer “retirements,” including 48-year-old Francis Benfatto, who showed up in the high-def shape of his life in 2006 after a 13-year-old layoff and after tearing a pec. If we see similar cuts etched into the 36-year-old behemoth from St. Petersburg, it’s possible Fedorovmania will return. After all, bodybuilding is forever searching for the next big thing. Could the N.B.T. be Alex Fedorov — again? For now, it would be enough for him to finally come in crisp and dry with a proper contest tan. If he can do that and carry approximately as much size as he did a decade ago, it’ll be interesting to see where he places. As always, the mass monster built in a Russian cemetery remains a mystery, as intriguing as he ever was.


Although the Grand Prix Fitness House Pro Men’s Open will be the third IFBB Pro League contest held in St. Petersburg, a 17-year hiatus has passed since the last one. The Russian Grand Prix took place in St. Petersburg in 1996 and 1997 before moving to Moscow in 1998. The only other Russian pro contests, in 2003 and 2004, occurred in Moscow, and Fedorov competed in both. - FLEX