Heath, Badell battle it out at the Ironman Pro prejudging

February 16, 2008


The 2008 Ironman prejudging is complete, and it looks like Phil Heath may be in line for his third professional victory. Heath, who has made massive improvements to his shoulder width, chest, traps, hamstrings and glutes, looked like he was ready to step on stage at the Arnold Classic and contend for that title. At 230, he was 15 pounds heavier than last year.

However, while Heath seems like he's got the title in his grasp, Gustavo Badell is making a charge. He has the requisite muscularity to earn what would be an upset, with his main flaw once again being his midsection. Badell has improved tremendously since falling to 8th at the 2007 Olympia and should have the runner-up spot locked up. However, Heath's razor-sharp condition and symmetry combined with a newfound confidence onstage will likely be too much. Silvio Samuel, meanwhile, likely is looking at third place, with surprising Moe Elmoussawi from New Zealand competing with Johnnie Jackson for fourth.

For a complete roundup of the action, check out the Ironman Prejudging thread on the Flexonline forums. And for exclusive post-prejudging video interviews with Gustavo Badell and Phil Heath, check back before the finals.

The finals start at 6:30 p.m. tonight Pacific time. Flex will be on the scene, giving you the results as they happen on the forums, along with a full recap afterward.

2008 Ironman Pro
Competitor List and Gallery Links

1. Eddie Abbew

2. Khalid Almohsinawi

3. Tory Alves

4. Ray Arde

5. Gustavo Badell

6. Paul Baker

7. Troy Brown

8. Jimmy Canyon

9. Rodney Davis

10. Omar Deckard

11. Alfonso Del Rio

12. Moe Elmoussawi

13. Toney Freeman

14. Deshaun Grimez

15. Will Harris

16. Phil Heath

17. David Henry

18. Neset Icli

19. Johnnie Jackson

20. Rusty Jeffers

21. Ken Jones

22. King Kamali

23. Vincent Lui

24. Desmond Miller

25. JoJo Ntiforo

26. Sergey Ogorodnikov

27. Dragan Paunovic

28. Gian Enrico Pica

29. Silvio Samuel

30. Armin Scholtz

31. Nathan Wonsley

32. Mehmet Yildirim

33. Comparisons