Super Glutamine

Replenish Your Body Post-Workout with Glutamine.


radius images/ corbis

Proven to reduce muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth, L-glutamine is one of the best anti-catabolic ingredients on the market as well as an essential 
part of any serious bodybuilder’s recovery stack, and according to new research published in the journal Nutrition Research, there’s now an even better, more efficient way to shuttle this valuable amino acid 
to your muscles. When subjects in the study were divided into groups that drank liquids containing either free-form L-glutamine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, water, or Sustamine, (a branded form of L-alanyl-L-glutamine), those that ingested Sustamine saw a 224% increase
 in body glutamine over those who drank the free-form glutamine liquid, and glutamine absorption into the bloodstream was sustained for twice as long. Even though your body is capable of producing glutamine on its own—it’s
one of 20 amino acids found naturally in the body—levels can drop by as much as 50% during training, hence the need for supplementation. Additionally, glutamine also plays a role in supporting the immune system, which means that when levels are low, your muscles are looted of this precious amino acid and left unprotected from dreaded catabolism. Don’t let your hard work in the gym go to waste; get your hands on a recovery supplement containing Sustamine and protect your gains.

REFERENCE: Harris et al., Nutrition Research, 32(4) 272-277, April 2012