Filling Out a Tall Frame

Here’s how tall guys can blow up triceps and biceps for maximum mass.


Photographs by Per Bernal

For taller guys, filling out your arms can be tough but not impossible. Just ask 6'1" Dallas Mccarver, who has exploded onto the IFBB pro scene with a win at his first pro show and a top 15 finish in his debut at the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Here’s how guys like McCarver can blow up triceps and biceps for maximum mass.

Height isn’t necessarily advantageous for bodybuilders. Added vertical inches means more muscle mass is required to fill out the frame. Arms can prove particularly challenging, especially if they’re long and lean. Along with added real estate to fill up, long arms can affect biomechanics and the amount of weight one can handle through that elongated range of motion.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the tools to train are different— you’ll still want to rely on many of the free-weight basics. But as McCarver has been known to do, you may want to ramp up your volume to achieve a maximum muscle pump.

In McCarver’s work with contest-prep adviser Hany Rambod, he has become well-versed in Rambod’s “FST-7” training method. FST stands for “fascia stretch training,” while the “7” refers to the seven sets you do for at least one exercise of a given body part, usually the final movement. It’s a technique that presses a high volume of blood into the muscle, expanding the sheath and causing microscopic tears in it that set growth and repair processes into motion.


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