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Many athletes seeking to both add muscle mass and reduce body fat have learned that it’s often easier to alternate phases, emphasizing one goal and then the other. However, you can accomplish both at the same time when you have a high-protein, moderate-calorie nutrition plan, a comprehensive training program, and the right supplements.

Novex Biotech has designed Endothil as a unique muscle maximizer. ThermoDyne—Novex Biotech’s fat burner—increases fat release from storage while helping to prevent additional storage. Here’s more about each product.

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This muscle maximizing pre-workout powder contains a unique combination of pump-amplifying ingredients, including one that was actually tested on U.S. Navy SEALs. It can help boost your energy and maximize your power output for explosive, incredible strength.


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Burns body fat with ingredients that include Citrus sinensis, which helps support metabolic rate; Paullinia sorbilis, which reduces your body’s ability to store fat; and Coffea arabica, which, along with other ingredients, stimulates the fat-burning process while providing energy.



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For optimal results, take two ThermoDyne capsules in the morning. Thirty minutes before training, drink one rounded scoop of Endothil mixed with 4 ounces of water. Take two ThermoDyne capsules with food later in the day; be mindful of taking it too late if you’re caffeine-sensitive.

Intense training, a clean diet, and the right supps are an unstoppable combination.

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