How to Play the Dating Field

Not ready to settle down? There's a way to play the field without being a dog.

How to Play the Dating Field

Learn to Leave

If she’s not on the same page regarding monogamy, pay for the drinks, pay for the meal and walk away from the table. No matter how hot she is. If she’s looking for a commitment and you knowingly proceed so you have something to play with for a while, you might be risking a "Bobbitt" in your future, and you kind of deserve it.

Clean Up Your Act

Literally. Don’t leave souvenirs of your sexcapades around for others to find. If you’ve brought someone home recently and have another rendezvous stacked and circling, police your quarters and 86 anything that can’t be explained away as your own. Intellectually, a girl might be fine with being one of several, but no one likes having their nose rubbed in someone else’s dirty panties. (Well, strictly speaking, that’s not true, but in this situation, it can be a mood killer for your date.)

No Broadcasting

Women dish. Men brag. It’s a “nature of the beast” thing. But this isn’t high school. If you’re into sport sex to impress your pals with your stats, again, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Loose lips, while commendable for other oral endeavors, can bite you in the ass during the post-game playback analysis.

Likewise, if you’ve got several “friends with benefits,” concentrate on the benefits and downplay the friends part. You may be buddy-buddy with chicks you’re intimate with, but oversharing can lead to dwindling returns in the sack. A girl’s going to reason that if you’re talking about someone else’s performance, you’re also talking about hers, and chances are, she’s not going to like the idea.