What to Get Her for Christmas

This Christmas, think outside the box and make any gift you give more meaningful

What to Get Her for Christmas

If you're like most men, you always wait until the last minute without thinking twice about what to get your girl for Christmas. Picking the perfect present is important, but with a recession still looming over our heads, holiday shopping can seem a bit daunting. So when you're searching for the ideal gift this year, you want to make sure that you get it just right. To help you, we've compiled a list of gift ideas based on the relationship you're in right now.

If you've been laid off and she makes more than you, without a doubt this time of year will be damaging to your wallet and your ego. You may have money stashed away, but don't dig into your nest egg, just cut back for a few weeks. No eating out, movie date nights, taxi rides, or protein shakes—you'll be amazed at how much these things can add up. And who says shopping the day before Christmas is a bad thing?

The stores may be packed, but that's because they've slashed their prices in hopes of getting shoppers to pick up last minute gifts. Depending on the type of relationship you're in, anybody you're seriously seeing will know that the times are tough and won't be expecting something glitzy or glamorous. Pay attention to anything she may have mentioned while you were out or when watching TV. She'll appreciate that you listened to her needs (and wants).

Remember, the meaning of the gift will be more valuable to her than the price. For instance, if youre girlfriend likes to get her hair blown out and her makeup done for special occasions, stop at her local salon and inquire about getting a holiday discount. Surprise her with a day of pampering, and when she comes home have a romantic, candlelight dinner for two prepared.

If you live together (this should be easy). You understand your girlfriend well enough to know what her favorite color is, what type of jewelry she likes, or what she's loving at the moment. If your girlfriend is like me, she's got tons of magazines stashed around her apartment. Finding something she'd want should be a cinch since she probably tags every page! So sneak a peak at what she's reading this month.

But since you've gone all domesticated with your lady, think outside the box this holiday. You already live with her. You may even share bank accounts or split the bills. So you don't want to buy her something that she would buy for herself. Make her feel special.

Pick up a piece of jewelry, a bouquet of flowers, and a stocking stuffed with her favorite knick-knacks (lip gloss, books, movie passes, a cooking gadget, etc). Or you could try a themed gift such as tickets to watch her favorite football team, a new winter jacket to keep warm, and cute boots to match! She'll love how far you thought this through.