Arm Exercises

Increase Your Pressing Power

Give these tough compound moves a try to enhance your pressing performance.

Increase Your Pressing Power

If you are talking about pressing power, you are talking about the triceps. But just building big triceps doesn't necessarily mean you are improving their ability to move weight. To move big weight more quickly, you're going to need to amp up your power. So how do you develop this power surge?

More Pressing Power

If you really want more pressing power, you can’t be messing around with skull crushers and tricep kickbacks. You have to perform compound movements such as the close-grip bench press, log press, floor press, and neutral grip dumbbell bench. (See video demonstrations on next page).

And you can’t forget about balancing the joint - anterior and posterior.  This improves the integrity of the joint for greater strength potential. It also helps to lessen the chance for injury. To do this, you have to hit movements that target the muscles involved in stabilizing, and keeping the shoulder joint healthy and strong. Face pulls, posterior flyes, standing scarecrows, external rotations, reach roll and lift, Y,T,W and L are excellent stabilizing moves for the shoulders.

Check out the Pressing Power Workout on next page. 

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