Chest Exercises

Bench Press Seminar 1: CAT-Like Strength

Boost poundages quickly by focusing on moving submaximal loads with maximal force.


Among lifters, nothing is more coveted than a big bench press. In high school, the bench press serves as a staple of strength and a foundation for bragging rights. Collegiate and professional athletes utilize the bench press to develop upper body strength and mass. Powerlifters place a great emphasis on the lift as it helps them achieve a higher three-lift total. Behind bars, prison gangs have used the bench press as an initiation tool.

Big Bench Benefits

A big bench press can help you add more muscle to your frame, attract the attention of scouts and coaches and help catapult you into the upper echelon of the powerlifting ranks.

Currently, I train a number of world record holders in the bench press. I was also the youngest person to bench press 600 pounds. I am going to share with you some methods that have raised the bar literally and figuratively when it comes to bench press performance. Your seminar starts now.